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photograph: Activity Scotland


Activity Scotland

Activity Scotland offers a fantastic range of exciting outdoor adventure activities in collaboration with exciting local activity providers. Highlandspaces guests can receive a discount by using the code FRIENDS10% and get money off any of their activities.To claim - mention you are a guest at a HighlandSpace.

Wee adventures

Experience exceptional outdoor adventures with Biscuit from Wee Adventures. Reconnect with the natural environment through adventure sports such as climbing, abseiling or canoeing; or, for the slower adventurer, by meandering through woods, learning bushcraft skills or testing your balance on the slackline. Bespoke adventures available for adults, families and children. One thing is for sure, you will leave inspired by Biscuit’s unique and contagious enthusiasm for life.

Highland Safaris & Loch Tay Safaris

Winner of the ‘Best Visitor Experience’ in Scotland combines the Red Deer Centre with awardwinning exhilarating 4x4 off road Safaris, inspiring walking and biking activities and exciting boat trips on Loch Tay. Highland Safaris Café also serves breakfast and lunch and is located within walking distance from our Spaces.

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