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It’s simple: you come to us with your space and we provide an idea, whether it’s for an innovative farm diversification project or a super cool new business venture involving your spaces. We love working on exciting projects and solving challenges through design and use of space.

We are a very creative, yet practical, design-lead duo. Good ideas are a lot more than creating spaces which look good: equally important is to create places and spaces that make people feel good.

There is a very human dimension to our design process and we love working closely with our clients to create spaces that are not only beautiful but sustainable. Working in symbiosis with their land, reinventing buildings, creating something fresh and exciting from the space you already have or bringing a brand new element into the mix.

We combine creative ideas with a personal process and attention to detail to create wonderful spaces. Truly beautiful and sustainable spaces are well designed and adaptable to the personal needs of our clients, whether it be for business, personal uses or needs to be both simultaneously.

We can take you through diversification strategies for your property and land. Undertake market research based on your area and business interests. Put together a team that gives you the right architect, trades, branding and financing to get the job done. We can even project managing the whole thing for you.


Dressing up a property to sell - with the right look and feel a property will stand out from all the others in your area. Sometimes dressing a property and selling the dream can result a considerable increase in your sale price.


With 20 years of experience in heating, wild plumbing traditional water systems and renewable power options, hot tubs and swimming pools. We can design an energy plan suited to your building and grid options.

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